The year is a little more than half over, so we feel the logical question to ask ourselves is this: are we a little more than halfway through our annual goals? This question is the foundation of our NC Concepts mid-year check-in, an invaluable success strategy that we rely on to keep us on the cutting edge of our field.

The idea is simple: rather than get to the end of the year and hope that everything turns out the way we planned back in January, we take some time to look at the goals we set in Q1 now. This way, we have time to make any necessary adjustments to our action steps – especially before the Q4 hustle hits.

Another way to use our NC Concepts mid-year check-ins is to make sure we’re still working on the right goals. What may have seemed important or compelling to us in January might not inspire us anymore, and that’s OK. What matters is that we are putting 100 percent of our effort into the targets that will make the most difference to our careers and lives. Letting some goals go gives us more time and energy to focus on what matters most.

There are many more reasons that we recommend mid-year check-ins to our friends, colleagues, and peers. Check out our NC Concepts LinkedIn feed to learn more about them.