NC Concepts has a brand-new office with room to grow! We opened our new digs on Chesapeake Drive. This place has everything we need to make sure our business takes off. But, we could use one more thing and that’s YOU.

So, here’s the deal – if you’re in the market for a job that’s loaded with opportunity to learn and advance, we’ve got what you need right here at NC Concepts. Not only do we have a shiny new office, but we make sure everyone on our team has the tools they need to succeed from the get-go. From on-boarding programs that get you right into the thick of the sales and marketing industry (and our secrets to zoom past the competition), right down to networking and career growth, you’ll find your niche with us. Even better, we have a lot of fun doing what we do to help our partners realize their sales and marketing goals with lightning speed.

What’s more, we’re happy to help you succeed even before you interview with us by offering a few tips our most impressive candidates have demonstrated:

• Have an Accomplishment-Focused Resume: Don’t just tell us what you did, but how your work had an impact. We are all about reaching goals, so we put premiums on people who share that value.

• Be Punctual: Whether it’s responding to a recruitment ad, returning a call, or showing up for an interview, be on time. Always. In fact, arriving at your interview 10 minutes before gives you time to catch your breath and organize your thoughts so you can WOW us.

• Show You Love to Learn: We’ve gotten to where we are with NC Concepts because we never stop seeking knowledge and picking up new skills. We look for the same quality in potential hires.

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